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NBL Blitz Rules


Points Scoring System

NBL Blitz games will be played for points*, which will be posted on the website after games.

The Points system is as follows:

3 Points - awarded to the team that wins the game.
1 Point - awarded to the team that wins the scoring in each quarter.
0.5 points - awarded to both teams for a drawn quarter.

Note: If a game goes to overtime no further points are awarded in the overtime period other than the winning team receiving 3 points as above.
Example #1:

Cairns v Perth (Q1 30-25, Q2 21-20, Q3 25-20, Q4 22-18)
Final Score 98-83
Result: Cairns 7 points (1 for each quarter win and 3 overall win) & Perth 0 points

Example #2:

Sydney v New Zealand (Q1 25-30, Q2 20-21, Q3 24-25, Q4 30-18)
Final Score 99 -94
Result: Sydney 4 points (1 for Q4 and 3 for overall win) & New Zealand 3 points (1 point for each winning quarter)


Winner Of The NBL Blitz

The team with the most Points wins the tournament and the Loggins-Bruton Cup, and the most outstanding player wins the Ray Borner Medal.

If teams have the same number of points at the end of the tournament, then the team with the most number of wins would be declared the winner. If multiple teams have the same number of wins then the best +/- winning percentage record (total points FOR / AGAINST) would be declared the winner.

Finally if teams have the same +/- winning percentage record then the team with the most points FOR will be declared the winner. The NBL Blitz Trophy will be presented to the winning team at the conclusion of the Tournament.

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